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Transforming Literacy

Teacher teaching the Wilson Reading Program

The landscape for teaching reading and writing has been revolutionized by the groundbreaking Science of Reading research. This scientific approach helps identify the root causes of reading difficulties, informs evidence-based interventions, and ensures that all individuals, regardless of background or ability, have equitable access to literacy skills. The research has created more opportunities and support for new instructional methods of teaching reading, writing and vocabulary. 
ESC of Central Ohio educators have had great success implementing the Wilson Language Programs in their classrooms to help support their students diverse learning needs. The Fundations Program is designed to support early literacy development, focusing on foundational skills such as phonemic awareness and phonics. In addition to Fundations, several teachers have implemented the Wilson Reading System. This program provides students who have language-based difficulties with foundational reading skills. Success with this program is achieved through greater intensity, duration, and smaller group sizes. Both programs use evidence-based methodology, rooted in the renowned Orton-Gillingham approach, making them particularly effective for students who benefit from explicit and structured instruction of language. 
The program has had a profound impact on students and teachers. Teachers have noticed notable improvements in their students reading, writing, and language skills. By implementing Fundations and the Wilson Reading System in their classrooms, our educators have discovered a powerful tool to address the diverse needs of their students. Learn more about our teacher’s success with the programs below.

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