Now Hiring for Job Positions throughout Central Ohio
The ESC is now hiring for educator positions including intervention specialists, teaching assistants and more in schools throughout the Central Ohio region - some of which now include a $1500 hiring incentive. For more information regarding incentive eligibility, please see here.

Digital Teaching & Learning

e-Learning and Educational Technology
The ESC promotes and enables the effective use of technology in teaching and learning through a varied suite of services and support.

Instructional Technology Courses, Modules & Support
The ESC offers various instructional technology courses, modules, and supports focusing on tools to help you and your staff excel in and out of the classroom. Courses, modules, and support may be offered in-person, online, or on-demand depending on your preferred method. Most are offered on an ongoing, continuous basis, customized to your schedule and staff needs.

Game-Based Learning
In 2021, the ESC launched the Heroes League, a highly-engaging, student-driven game-based learning platform that teaches success skills to elementary students.

Ohio Learning Hub
The Ohio Learning Hub provides personalized learning opportunities for educators on research-based teaching strategies that have a positive effect on student success.

One-to-One Computing Guidance
The ESC offers guidance and support for one-to-one deployments of devices and applications, including Macs, Chromebooks and iPads.

Quality Matters Online and Blended Course Design
Offered online, the Applying the QM Secondary Rubric course focuses on the K-12 Secondary Rubric developed by Quality Matters. Participants focus on the use of the rubric in reviewing the design of online and blended courses, on its application to a teacher-created course, and on writing helpful recommendations for continuous course improvement.
Software Consulting
The ESC provides software consulting services for Apple, Google and Microsoft-based applications (and apps) used in both classroom and office environments.